Your Biggest Problem Is Maintaining A Steady Flow Of New Patients

Which Allows You To Grow Your
Practice—and Focus Your Time On
Providing Services

PatientFlo is an end-to-end Patient Acquisition System for every type of doctor's office.

It has been developed to generate a steady flow of new patient leads, and to train your staff to convert those leads. PatientFlo operates as a month-to-month subscription service-free of long-term contracts or setup fees!
Here's A Quick High-Level Summary Of How PatientFlo Generates Leads…
For Your Staff To Convert Into Patients
We want to give you a quick look at how PatientFlo works for you.
Here is an overview of everything about how PatientFlo works.
We work with you to create a promotional offer that attracts new patients.
We promote that offer on Facebook for you (your "ad spend" is an additional cost).
We set up a landing page where prospective patients can learn more about your offer, skills, office, and staff. This is designed to entice them to provide their contact information as a lead for your office.
We provide Patient Conversion Training to your staff so that they know how to turn those leads into new patients for you.
We closely manage your cost of lead acquisition. We do this by monitoring your analytics and apportioning your ad spend where it's working best for you.
PatientFlo is also a lead management platform. Using it, you know about all the leads that flow into the practice. You have real time information on how all leads are being handled, and a view of your lead and sales pipeline.
That's not all, we continue to fine tune the process consistently month after month as we work with you. We monitor what is working and do more of it. Marketing efforts that aren't producing (according to your analytics) are eliminated. Our objective is always to provide you a very high ROI for your investment.
Our review request software—Request4Feedback—is included in your PatientFlo software. It allows you to push out a request for patients to review your office. When you have a patient who is expressing exceptional satisfaction, you have an easy way to capture that in a review of your practice. We've seen our customers increase their reviews by an average of 8-10 a month.
That's not all, we also include daily engaging social content (Social4Doctors) and post it on your Facebook page. We know how to get you likes, comments and shares to maximize impressions and engagement. Between the increased reviews and engaging social content, you demonstrate a likeable Facebook presence.

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PatientFlo Is Designed To Solve Specific Problems For Doctor's Offices

We Want To Free You Up To Spend Your Time Making Money-Not Struggling With Marketing
You spent a lot of years training for your specialty. Never once did you imagine you'd end up spending evenings working on growing your practice. You're not a marketer, and don't even like doing that type of work. All you really want to do is practice your craft and keep the patients and profit flowing in. These are the problems PatientFlo has been designed to solve.
Your practice does not have the consistent flow of new patients that you need.
You don't have nearly the number of patients you need and don't know how to get—and keep—a steady flow of new patients. You may be a new practitioner, or have moved to a new locality, or had another type of “starting over” event. The reason doesn't matter—you need regular new patient flow.
You're a doctor trying to figure out marketing in your spare time.
You're wasting ad money, not getting good results, and definitely frustrated. Time is money for a doctor in practice. You spend way too much of your free time taking course after course trying to figure out a winning formula. It's exhausting, and takes times away from your family.
You don't know where your new patients come from or WHO they are.
When you don't have that level of insight, you can't target your marketing efforts. You don't know where to find the right kind of new patients for your practice.
You're doing old style marketing efforts known as “spray and pray”.
You're spending a lot of money sending postcards or flyers, or other types of blanket marketing—praying that it will work. You keep laying out the money even though you're not getting results. You really don't know what will work or how to have a systematic approach.

ROI+ Guarantee!

We are so confident of the success of our Patient Acquisition System, we want to make it risk-free for you. Here's our guarantee.
If for any reason after 1 month of using our system* you don't generate a positive return on your investment, PatientFlo will refund 100% of our professional fee.
* You designate a staff person to complete our conversion training (5 hours work) within 72 hours of beginning of contract. This person is your in-house contact to convert your new leads into patients. You can train your whole staff with the conversion training if you wish!

What You Need To Know About The Guarantee

Let's deconstruct this a little bit:
  • We guarantee that if you do not get a positive return on your investment—in the first month of using our system—you get all your money back.
  • Positive return means that you earn back in new patients more money than you spend on our services.
  • We aim to get you your first new leads within 72 hours of receiving the content from you that is needed to build your landing page. Timeclock begins when we receive that content from you.
  • That means that you must ensure that your staff person will be ready to convert those leads into new patients within that same 72-hour timeframe. Note that they can start training as soon as you purchase. No need to wait on it while you're collecting content.
  • If we don't provide you more value (measured in new patients X average value of a new patient), you can ask for a 100% refund of your fee. We return your money without fuss or hassle.

These Are The Results You Can Expect After A Month Of PatientFlo

Our Specialty Is Providing Patient Acquisition Systems

One of our founders has been working directly with providers since 2004 to do exactly that. The methods are proven and so are the results. We know and understand your business, your needs, and how to get you the patient flow your practice requires. Here are the results you can expect.

  • Your doctor's office has a consistent flow of new patients to the practice. Your investment in PatientFlo actually provides you the number of patients you need. You're able to grow your practice in spite of being a new practitioner, or moving to a new locality, or dealing with another type of “starting over” event.
  • You no longer have to spend your “non-doctor” time on failed marketing efforts. Your ad spend now gets you good results, and you have reports that prove it. Now, all your working time is spent as a practicing doctor. No more marketing courses or time away from your family..
  • You know where your new patients come from and WHO they are. We handle getting you the right kind of new patients for your practice. With a high level of insight, we consistently refine the targeting of your marketing efforts. You get to practice your craft and enjoy the fruits of investing in PatientFlo.
  • You're doing modern targeted marketing that provides a steady flow of leads. Your marketing investment is more productive and you're no longer wasting money on blanket-type marketing—praying that it will work. You lay out your money on the PatientFlo subscription, and enjoy watching your practice grow. PatientFlo provides the systematic approach you needed all along.

PatientFlo Is Packed With Benefits For Doctors' Offices

That's Because We Know And Understand Your Specific And Unique Challenges

You could say that marketing doctor's offices runs in our blood—literally. That's because our co-founder Peter developed PatientFlo by helping his dad—a chiropractor—have a steady flow of new patients. It's the kind of “in the trenches” experience that provides profound value to you. We've packed PatientFlo with benefits that come directly from that experience.

  • PatientFlo combines everything a doctor’s practice needs to acquire new patients. We make the process easy for you by providing a cohesive system—everything you need—in a single application.
  • It is a Patient Acquisition System that also includes lead pipeline management. You easily know all your leads, and where they are in the process of conversion to patients. You have dedicated capability for your staff to nurture leads along until they convert.
  • Your contract is month-to-month with no setup fee—that’s how confident we are. We KNOW you’ll get results because we’ve been doing this for a long time. We don’t have to tie you into a contract or pop you with a big setup fee. We’re darned sure that you’ll stick with us once you see results month after month.
  • PatientFlo is designed so that once we start, you—the doctor—don’t have to be involved. In fact, we make a point of saying this to our customers. We say something like, “Doctor, after today, we won’t take any more of your time. That’s part of our commitment to you.” We get you new patients; you provide high quality care.
  • Every aspect of the PatientFlo system feeds into increasing your flow of new patients. The Request4Feedback function makes it easy to increase your positive reviews by 8-10 high-quality new Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews every month. These reviews magnify the likelihood of leads converting into patients.
  • With Social4Doctors, we provide daily engaging Facebook content and post it on your page. This creates a warm and humorous online presence for your office. Potential patients check out your online community and make decisions based on what they see. Lively and likeable daily postings improve your conversion ratio.
  • Everything is customized to your office and your specialty. We personalize everything to capture your “voice” and business positioning. We present your practice as a “place” new patients want to be. We know how to move potential patients beyond minor fears and warm them to your office.

When You’re Thinking About Acquiring New Patient Leads…

What You’re Really Looking For Is An End-To-End Patient Acquisition System

Most likely, you’ve experienced buying and trying a lot of different marketing “opportunities”. You’ve been excited at the beginning, but the results haven’t lived up to the sales pitch. Believe me, there is a lot of waste in marketing for doctors’ offices.

We want to demonstrate to you why you can now give up all that trial and error and get immediate results. We’ve laid out every detail of how PatientFlo works. This allows you to get the full picture of what we provide. We want you to easily see why PatientFlo works, and how it works to bring you a steady stream of new clients. Here’s how it works.

Phase 1 — Prep For PatientFlo


Prepare For Facebook Build Or Rebuild

We start off the service with an in-depth kick-off conversation. We discuss timelines and what’s needed to get started. We require things like photos of the doctor(s), office staff and description of the practice. The “timeclock” can’t start until we have these needed assets to build or rebuild your Facebook page.

We discuss the best offer for your office to make—that is most likely to result in new patients. We consult with you, and provide our expertise (built on 15+ years’ experience). Together, we come up with an offer that we expect to be very compelling to potential patients.

We talk with you about identifying who will handle the new leads in your office. They will need to complete our training (5 hours estimated) and be ready to convert leads into patients for you. Because PatientFlo is designed to bring you leads within 72 hours of launch, your staff person needs to be ready within that same timeline—for your best results.

We send you a series of emails to document our conversation and requests. You grant us access to your Facebook account for the build/rebuild. If you don’t have a Facebook page, we set that up for you.


We Build Or Rebuild Your Facebook Page

If your office already has a Facebook page, we want to be sure that it’s accurate. Often, doctors have made changes in hours or even location, without updating their Facebook page. We make the edits for you if you wish.

We do a review of your online presence and make recommendations. We want to make sure that your online “story” is consistent and credible before we start driving more traffic to you. We review your website, professional listings and social media pages. We make edits—to speed things up for you—if you permit us.

We review your target demographics and design a Facebook ad campaign for you. Note that the Facebook ad spend is an additional cost for you on top of your subscription to PatientFlo. Typically, this runs to about $500 a month.

Note that Steps 3 and 4 occur in parallel. Getting the best results from our efforts depends on your staff person getting up to speed on converting leads into patients.


We Build Your Landing Page

Your Facebook page uses your offer as “bait” to drive traffic to your landing page. The landing page describes your offer and entices prospective patients to provide their contact information.

We design a custom landing page and lead generation funnel for your office. It takes us about 2 days to set up the landing page. Before we start, you have already provided us with all the marketing assets (photos and copy). We get your ad ready and get your signoff on the copy for the ad.


We Provide Conversion Training To Your Staff

At the same time we’re building your landing page, your internal staff person is studying our Patient Conversion System. It consists of the following:

  • Recorded videos
  • PDF’s
  • Scripts to convert by phone, text, or email.
  • Best Practices, success tips and feedback from other offices
  • Unlimited access to tech support, whether on the first days, or months into your subscription

Just to repeat our timeline for your success. We expect to generate your first leads from the system within 72 hours of launch of Facebook page and ads. What that means for you is that you need to get your staff person trained and up to speed within that same timeframe—to get the best results.

Phase 2 — We Turn On The Lead Spigot


We Launch Your Customized PatientFlo (Patient Acquisition System)

Once the landing page is ready and your staff person is ready, we pull the marketing trigger. Your ad goes live on Facebook driving traffic to the landing page. Leads start to arrive in your PatientFlo dashboard.


You Track And Manage All Leads In PatientFlo Pipeline

As soon as you get your first lead, we let you know. We do this primarily out of courtesy and to ensure that you know what new leads look like in the system. From there, you can expect a steady flow of new patients.

Once the leads start flowing, your trained staff can manage them directly in the PatientFlo pipeline. This function allows you to track each person from lead to becoming an active patient. Depending on your leads’ preferences, you can interact with them by text message, email or phone. You can easily track every contact with each lead, and ensure timely follow-up.

Here’s an important point about PatientFlo: You can grant access for your entire team.The platform allows for the doctor to assign multiple persons to the account. What this does for you is to keep the doctor’s time free but also allow her/him to easily check on the status and progress of all lead acquisition.

PatientFlo includes quick reports to show the progress of all leads in the funnel. The doctor and staff can see the entire patient lead pipeline at any point in time. There is no guessing or worrying. You have the information at your fingertips. You can clearly see that PatientFlo is working for you and your office.

PatientFlo is based on the concept of Margin Of Opportunity. That margin is the gap between where you are now with number of patients and where you want to be (as a percentage). Our software has been designed as a tool to empower doctor and staff to visualize and close that gap.


Continuous Fine Tuning Of PatientFlo To Improve Results

Typically, our clients get an immediate and steady flow of new patients. That’s still not good enough for us though. You can count on us to constantly monitor the process and make new tweaks to improve your results as your data suggests.

This isn’t one of those situations where we disappear once you’re set up. No, that’s not good enough for us. We enjoy fine tuning the process for you and continuing to improve your results. We regularly check in with you to make sure you’re getting the desired results.

We want to keep your lead funnel fresh and performing at its peak. If we think results can be improved, we discuss with you what to do next. THIS IS ALL COVERED BY YOUR SUBSCRIPTION! No extra charges or fees. We may change your offer, or deploy new ads—whatever it takes to ensure that you continue to get the quality and volume of leads you expect.

That’s not all though—we’re doing some high technology testing and monitoring behind the scenes. We do what’s called split testing to check out what landing page and messaging performs best for your office. We love all this geeky stuff and thrive on improving the number of your new patients.

Equally as important, we’re paying attention to the demographics revealed in your landing page analytics. For instance, if we see that most of your new patients are women between 30 and 50, we adjust your ad spend to target that demographic. We’re also paying attention to the sources that produce your lowest-cost per acquired lead. We adjust your ad investment to target more of these kinds of leads.

Phase 3 — We Turn On The Lead Spigot

PatientFlo Includes A Tool That Makes It Easy For You To Get Great Reviews

Just getting you new patients isn’t enough for us though. We also want to elevate your online presence. What’s the first thing that potential patients do when they are considering a new doctor? They check out your reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp. If you’re not collecting five-star reviews every single month, you’re falling behind.

PatientFlo software makes it easy to generate 8-10 high-quality reviews a month. This function is accomplished by our Request4 Feedback module. The feedback function is accessed from the same dashboard you use to manage leads. This software allows you to hand pick your best patients and send them a request for feedback on your behalf. By being able to select patients to send requests to, you can better manage high quality reviews.

Here’s how systematic PatientFlo is: We make sure you have a local phone number that patients recognize when they get your text message. We provide you the scripting so that your front desk staff lets people know that they will receive a text with a request for review. Request4Feedback generates a message with a link making it easy for patients to leave a Facebook, Google, or Yelp review.

That’s still not all though—you get to see the results of your Request4Feedback efforts. You can clearly see who opens your email or text. You know who has clicked to review you. You know who actually leaves you a review. You can even send a thank you for their spending time giving you a review.

We Provide Daily Engaging Facebook Content

PatientFlo also includes Social4Doctors which provides daily engaging Facebook content. This content is designed to maximize likes, comments, and shares. Daily posting of interesting and intriguing content maximizes your impressions and generates ongoing fan engagement.

About The Plan

  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Review Gathering
  • Curated Social Media
  • Multiple Ad Campaigns
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

per month

No Setup Fee
No Commitment Fee
Satisfaction Guaranteed*

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If for any reason after 1 month of using our system* you don't generate a positive return on your investment, PatientFlo will refund 100% of our professional fee.

* You designate a staff person to complete our conversion training (5 hours work) within 72 hours of beginning of contract. This person is your in-house contact to convert your new leads into patients. You can train your whole staff with the conversion training if you wish!